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2017 Trends

The Institute's Annual Report

Download Our 2017 Tech Trends Annual Report


Please read the following instructions in full before filling out the form.


Step #1: To get a full-resolution copy of our annual report, please fill in fields below and click submit. NOTE: You will not see the page refresh or a confirmation notice. Instead, the form will look blank again, as if you haven’t filled it out. That’s ok.


Step #2: Check your inbox for a link — it’ll take you to a page where you can download the full, high-resolution report. The link may have gone to your spam filter, so please look there first. If you still do not see the link after looking through spam/ junk, please contact our office.


Note: The full-resolution file is 30MB, so make sure to start your download once you’re on a WiFi network. 

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