Download Our 2017 Tech Trends Annual Report

Download Our 2017 Tech Trends Annual Report

Our servers have been crashing because too many people tried to download the report at once. We’ve fixed the problem and we’ve also added four mirror links. If you see an error when you try to download, try one of the mirror links below. We apologize for the inconvenience you may have been caused on the report’s launch day.

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A few important things to know before you download:

This year’s report has 159 trends.
This is mostly due to the fact that 2016 was the year that many areas of science and technology finally started to converge. As a result we’re seeing a sort of slow-motion explosion––we will undoubtedly look back on the last part of this decade as a pivotal moment in our history on this planet.

Yes, the election impacted our outlook.
We’ve included a few special sections that deal specifically with the future impacts of the Trump Administration. There is also a section with an analysis of which Cabinet positions will wield the most power in the Trump White House.

Start with the trends briefing.
This year’s report starts with a trends briefing, which explains what makes a trend different from something that’s merely trendy. We strongly recommend that you read that section before going on to the trends.

This isn’t beach reading.
Our 2017 report is very big. Please take your time with it––don’t try to read the entire thing in one sitting.

We’ve organized trend lists by industry for you.
The report is divided into thematic sections and industry lists. Sections (drones & robots… news media tech trends… government) are color-coded. You’ll find lists at the front of the report: they prioritize trends for each industry.

Look for our Action Meter.
This year, we included an easy-to-read meter for each trend that tells you whether a trend needs more research, monitoring or requires action.

Free to download and share.
As always, our annual report is made available to you at no charge. Feel free to download it and share as you wish. Please note that the content is copyrighted. If you use our report in your own work, please cite the Future Today Institute.