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What We Do

Forecasting the future...

The Future Today Institute researches emerging technologies at the fringes and tracks them as they move towards the mainstream. Our pioneering, data-driven forecasting methodology and tools enable organization leaders to make better decisions about the future, today.

We offer four client services.

Download an overview.

1. The Foresight Program

This program ensures that an organization knows all of the near- and mid-future trends on the horizon so that leaders can influence what’s to come. Foresight Program clients receive all of the following… [pdf-embedder url=”http://futuretodayinstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/FTI_Foresight_Program.pdf”].

Quarterly On-Site Trends Research Workshops
These half-day customized trends presentations for you and your staff (4 per year) take place at your office. Sessions are deeply personalized for your organization and they are highly interactive. First, we detail emerging trends your organization needs to know. But from our point of view, information alone isn’t beneficial without strategic action. That’s why in the second half of our quarterly workshops, we apply two of FTI’s tools to help you determine how to move the trend into action. (Even if the result is to simply monitor the trend for a little while longer.) By the end of these quarterly workshops, you’ll not only know what trends are emerging, but what to do about them in the present.


Notes From The Near Future – Monthly Trends Report
Each month, you and your staff will receive a custom report explaining all of the emerging trends you should be aware of, why they matter, and who the key players are driving the trend.


Notes From The Near Future – Monthly Trends Briefing Call
A few days after the report is sent, we host a short virtual hangout to answer any questions you might have. Since all of our clients are invited to join, it’s also a great opportunity to hear from people working outside your industry.


Slack Integration
For clients using Slack, we include a custom #trends channel to continually update and inspire your team.


Big Ideas Summit Invitations 

Foresight Program clients receive invitations to Big Ideas Summits throughout the year. We bring together FTI’s clients as well as experts working on emerging technologies for an exciting roundtable discussion. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with brilliant people and to share knowledge across industries. (Clients receive 2 seats per Summit.) Summits are typically held in NYC, Boston and DC.


Tools To Measure Your Forecasting ROI

What’s the value of tracking trends? We’ll give you a set of tools to help you quantify the impact of the tracking trends within your organization.


Early Access To Our Annual Trends Report
Our annual tech trends report is covered by dozens of media outlets (Harvard Business Review, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and others) and is typically downloaded more than 250,000 times each year. FTI clients receive early access to the report, giving them a strategic edge as they plan for the year ahead.


Ongoing Advising

The ability to talk with us throughout the month for advising, insight and inspiration. (Additional fee applies.)


Download a PDF of the Foresight Program.

Download a copy of our forecasting ROI matrix and sample benchmarks.

To learn more about becoming a Foresight Program client, email us or call 267-342-4300.


2. “The Future of X” Project-Based Advising
Forecasting for a specific area or to enable strategic decisions in the present. Projects can range from a few weeks to several months. Examples:

• What should a future car do/ offer/ feature in 10 years?

• How will decisions made today about Internet policy impact our democracy in the far-future?

• In the future, how will the youngest Millennials consume the news?

• What technology should a large hotel company invest in/ acquire?

• What does the credit card of the future look like? What should a financial services company do to prepare for massive industry disruption due to technology?



3. Individual Workshops
Presenting a customized overview of trends that will impact an organization, association, company or group. Workshops range from half-day sessions to two-day intensives.



4. Pop-Up Think Tanks
Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to push through a challenge or to help imagine the future. We draw upon FTI’s extensive professional network to convene pop-up think tanks on behalf of our clients. Using our unique convening framework, we bring together your staff with experts from outside your industry for fresh perspective and insights.  Pop-up think tanks can be held separately or in conjunction with our quarterly tech trends advising sessions, and we host them on behalf of clients all over the world.