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FTI's work + impact...

FTI advises Fortune 50 and Global 1000 companies, as well as government agencies, large nonprofits and universities all over the world.

We value discretion and the privacy of our clients, and we therefore do not publicly list the names of the majority of the organizations we advise. We have advised hundreds of companies, government agencies and universities across a broad spectrum of industries, including:

• News/ Journalism/ Media
• Government/ Politics/ Legal/ Policy
• Infrastructure/ Transportation
• Technology (enterprise, platforms, R&D)
• Law Enforcement
• Chemical/ Pharmaceutical
• Travel/ Entertainment
• Higher Education
• Marketing/ PR
• Trade/ Professional Associations
• Interest Groups
• Finance/ Accounting/ Insurance
• Human Resources
• Medical/ Health/ Life Sciences
• CPG/ Food/ Retail
• Professional Services


We hold the required accreditation to work with Federal agencies. Our staff are fluent and able to work in Spanish, French, Russian, Ukranian and Japanese.

The ongoing forecasting work we did with FTI significantly impacted every part of our business, from product development to sales to strategy. Whether it was being the first to hear about emerging companies and technologies or having them on speed dial during strategic planning, Amy and the team quickly became a must-have resource for our group.

-Liz, head of strategy and development

One of the biggest challenges facing corporate leadership is the ability to see into the future. When teams spend the majority of their time on the day-to-day functions of the business it’s hard to plan 24 to 36 months in advance. That’s where Amy Webb and IFT are so valuable. Amy worked with our leadership team and was able to help us focus on key objectives for the next three years.

–Joe, managing director

When you listen closely to Amy Webb, you hear how the future might unfold for us humans. It’s worth listening. Amy’s at the forefront of understanding how technology continues to permeate every aspect of our lives and how those interactions — with each other, with the world, with our things — inform what we care about and who or what we should follow and use and embrace. Nobody else is doing what FTI does for organizations. Amy and her team have both unusual discernment and healthy skepticism. What sets their work apart is how adeptly they use research to offer insights we can all use. If you’re looking for help solving the puzzle of what’s next (and what to do about it), there’s no better guide.”

–Matt, vice president

selected case studies


What’s the future of libraries, in an era of digital books and online educational offerings?


Like all libraries, the Chicago Public Library system was in transition and needed a five-year digital plan to attract broader audiences, develop new forms of electronic outreach, create social opportunities while respecting patron privacy, and the like.


CPL was a Project-Based Advising client. We created a FuturePrint for the future of the library, setting the foundation as it evolves into a modern institution. In addition, we developed a Key Performance Indicators and Metrics toolkit (the first of its kind for a library), enabling the CPL to quantitatively show its community impact.


What’s the future of digital media?


Time Inc. needed to stay ahead of tech and digital media trends in order to grow its audience and develop new streams of revenue.


Since 2007, Time Inc. was an ongoing Foresight Program client.


What’s the future of credit cards, given that we’re making more transactions using social payment systems?


Amex OPEN needed a progressive, forward-thinking mobile strategy for the next five years so that it could capture marketshare from competitors.


Amex OPEN was a Project-Based Advising client. We created an actionable FuturePrint for Amex OPEN’s mobile strategy.