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Parallel Tracks of Innovation in the  Communications Technology 
and News Media Sectors

Since the dawn of the modern Information Age, we have seen great achievements in communications technology. Increasingly however, the companies creating the distribution channels and those working on content are innovating on parallel tracks. Many fields, such as biotech, offer rich collaborations across a central ecosystem, where academic institutions, researchers and a variety of for-profit and government organizations innovate towards a common goal. When it comes to news, the future is being created by myriad companies building the infrastructure, tools, code repositories, devices and platforms for whom content is required but quality journalism is an afterthought.
This timeline catalogs the most significant developments in each sector. (Achievements in storytelling were not included unless they involved the use of a new technology that was either developed by or used in a new way by the news organization.) Notably, news organizations transitioned in the early 1990s from innovating the means of newsgathering and dissemination to forming joint ventures, associations and coalitions, many of which were discontinued shortly after launching.


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