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Who We Are

Our brain trust: creative, engaging and energized.

About The Future Today Institute

Webbmedia Group is now the Future Today Institute.

The Future Today Institute researches emerging technologies at the fringes and tracks them as they move towards the mainstream. Our pioneering, data-driven forecasting methodology and tools enable organization leaders to make better decisions about the future, today.

This is the first time in human history when real, fundamental change is taking place within a single generation, and the driving force is technology. Technology is no longer the domain of science and industry alone; it is now inextricably linked to who we are and everything we do. The established silos of communications, business, education, media, government, politics, social welfare, the arts and activism are morphing into a loopy, interconnected Venn diagram.

Seeing the future is possible, even though the rate of technological advancement has begun to outpace the speed at which many organizations are accustomed to functioning. We must focus on interconnected relationships between one or more technologies and a system, rather than becoming fixated on a single, promising new gadget, app or startup.

Our Past

FTI began as Webbmedia Group in 2005. Back then, we were focused narrowly on the future of media, journalism and technology. Our clients included most of the major media companies throughout North America––we advised their senior executives on strategy and worked alongside their R&D teams to prototype the future of news.

Our deep background in media and technology proved valuable to outside industries at the dawn of this new Information Age. So we expanded our scope a few years later to answer “What’s the future of X” for government agencies, large nonprofits, universities and Fortune 500 companies. Technology is still our focus and is the core of our forecasting work.

We’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of organizations all around the world, and we believe in transferring knowledge––we forecast the future for our clients, but we also put them in a position to learn from each other.

Our Future

As we enter our second decade, we look forward to helping organizations navigate the challenging road ahead. Technology will further complicate and disrupt organizations everywhere. Without the right action, an organization might find itself left behind, making catastrophic decisions, or shuttered entirely. Our promise is to inspire smart people to achieve their preferred futures. We help leaders make better, more informed decisions, ensuring the vitality of an organization’s future, today.

Who We Are

FTI is a research and advisory firm that serves a global client base. We have a core staff and a network of affiliates, who bring their domain expertise to our projects. Many of us are cuspers—the oldest Millennials and the youngest Gen Xers—which makes us uniquely positioned to bridge the divide between digital natives and everyone who got started before the Information Age. While we live on the bleeding edge of technology, we specialize in relating the changes we see coming back to business strategy in the present.

We are always looking for smart, creative people to join us as affiliates and for various full-time and contract positions. Learn more about joining FTI’s team


Our Policies

FTI is committed to conducting business ethically and to exceed the highest standards of good business practices.

    • We provide detailed and clear communication with our clients in regards to our scheduling, billing and expectation of deliverables/ scope of work.
    • FTI will not recommend a product, service or other business unless we’ve used it extensively ourselves and have had discussions with the company.
    • FTI receives no financial or other benefit from recommendations or connections we make. We won’t even accept a fruit basket as a thanks for introducing your company to one of our clients or vice versa.
    • Much of our work is under strict NDA. As a result, we are unable to disclose many of our clients and our projects together. A list of clients/ projects we can discuss publicly is available on our clients page.
    • FTI staff and affiliates may, individually and without the oversight of our company, invest in various funds, fund-of-funds, IPOs, markets or directly in companies. We will always disclose any financial interest they have in a company that they recommend or discuss publicly.