2022 Global Survey on Journalism’s Futures

2022 Global Survey on Journalism’s Futures

An updated global survey by the Future Today Institute about how those working in news think about the future.

The Future Today Institute’s Global Survey on the Future of Journalism asked people working in news organizations how they think about the future. Our goal was to understand what strategies journalists use to track emerging technology and other forces that will shape the farther futures of journalism. The survey revisits questions we first asked in 2017 to see whether news organizations have changed how they plan for the future.

Our biggest finding: People working in journalism are very focused on the immediate future of news. As in 2017, we found that very few people are actively considering scenarios that map out plausible futures at the intersection of news, technology and democracy.

Other key takeaways from our survey of journalists include:

  • Thinking about the immediate future is common; thinking about longer-term futures is not.
  • Near-term tactical challenges carry more urgency for people working in news than long-term strategic questions.
  • When asked about the long-term future, people working in news are generally positive.
  • Management tools like financial planning and strategic planning are more common in newsrooms than strategic foresight tools like scenario planning or research into technology trends.

Click here to download the report for more insights and results from the survey.