Decode The Future

A scenarios thinking game


About the Game

In 2020, we learned that the world can change quickly in ways that are difficult to predict. Speculative stories became our reality. Surviving and thriving meant adapting to a new world and a new set of conditions. Many of people, government agencies and businesses were unprepared–because they didn't have the skills to imagine alternative futures. 

So we made a game called Decode The Future.

Decode The Future helps you practice scenarios thinking as you rehearse uncertainty. You'll learn how to rapidly imagine what's possible in the future and how those possibilities might impact you. The goal is to think in productive, creative tangents. You'll think about unexpected scenarios, disruptive technologies, and how various stakeholders might respond when they find themselves in novel situations. Designed as a companion to our 2021 Tech Trends Report, you'll create new ideas and generate meaningful insights about the present. The basic pack of cads includes 15,625 futures for you to explore.



Download our Decode The Future Game, which includes three sets of playing cards, an instruction guide and the worksheets you'll need to develop scenarios.