Custom Training: Strategic Foresight Master Classes

Companies, like people, have limbic systems. Corporate anxiety can spread fast and cause leaders and teams to make poor decisions. Without concrete answers to questions about the future, corporate anxiety grows. It’s a vicious, terrible cycle. 

Your goal right now isn’t predictions. It’s preparation for what comes next. You must shift your mindset from making predictions to being prepared. That means learning to think like a futurist.

The Future Today Institute pioneered a data-driven, applied foresight methodology that is now used within hundreds of organizations worldwide. Our custom strategic foresight Master Classes are designed to teach teams that methodology, including the essential concepts, frameworks, tools and processes necessary to confront the future. Every Master Class is tailored for your organization. We combine our methodology and tech/ science trends research with original case studies we create specifically for your team. The result is an experiential learning session.

FTI Master Classes will help you see the future, today.

For more information on our custom Master Class offerings, download our Master Class brochure.