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Every week, we take a deep dive into an emerging tech trend. We tell you what it is, why it matters now, tell you a story about how it's developing, and offer you plausible scenarios for the future. 

Latest: Annual Inventory of Tech + Science Signals

Every year, we curate an end-of-year inventory of signals, outliers and trends. It's a way of methodically reflecting and getting organized for the coming year. Far from being a nostalgic look back at what was or might have been, or a list of predictions that might not be any more accurate than the local weather forecast, our annual inventory is something entirely different: a way to think about the evolution of technology, science and humanity as part of a long continuum.

Tracking these and other signals is important, because they shape the world to come. Now is not the time to throw up your hands, say it's all too overwhelming, and wait for a "new normal" to arrive. Our new normal is already here: it's continued disruption. You should not sit passively and allow change to happen at you, without any of your direct involvement.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. It's time to sort out the signals and create your organization's vision, make strategic decisions, prioritize your technology investments and create the tactical actions that will carry you forward. Read or download our Annual Letter.