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Every week, we take a deep dive into an emerging tech trend. We tell you what it is, why it matters now, tell you a story about how it's developing, and offer you plausible scenarios for the future. 

Latest: Blocked in Real Life

You might have seen the "White Christmas" episode of Black Mirror, where a man is "blocked" by his fiancée after a fight. In this dystopian future world, blocking someone results in a heartbreaking parallel existence. Thanks to special technology, blocked people are invisible to others––they can't be seen or heard––and they must live out the rest of their lives as voyeurs. 

You already own a device with this terrifying/ magical technology built-in: noise cancelling headphones. Unlike augmented reality, where your real-world environment is digitally enhanced with visual elements, sounds or other sensory inputs, diminished reality takes your unwanted stimuli away. Soon, wearable devices will let you block sounds, sights, and even smells from your everyday existence. 

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