Kristofer "Kriffy" Perez

Futurist and Foresight Affiliate


Kristofer "Kriffy" Perez applies years of fintech product design and development to guide new companies strategically. He helps envision the future as a Foresight Affiliate at The Future Today Institute where he provides expertise to client projects. Kriffy is a Co-founder and Managing Director at Global PayTech Ventures, where he leads strategic advisory. He coaches a course on strategic foresight at The NYU Stern School of Business and is a speaker at various MBA programs.

Previously as a Director of North American Product Innovation and Design at Visa, he led product and design teams to deliver new product solutions and best-in-class customer-centric experiences to market-leading financial institutions. Kriffy has also worked for MasterCard Advisors, the Boston Consulting Group, IBM, and co-founded a paytech startup. Kriffy has played an integral role in more than 120 strategic projects across 8 countries and has filed 15+ patents.

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Speaking and Lecturing Requests

For speaking and lecturing requests please contact Cheryl Cooney at [email protected].

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Media Requests 

If you are a reporter and want to interview Kriffy Perez for a story, or if you need FTI research, please contact Cheryl Cooney at [email protected] or 267-342-4300. This includes requests for broadcast appearances.