Melanie Subin

Director of Consulting


Melanie Subin is the Director of Consulting for Future Today Institute. Previously, Melanie served in insights and foresight leadership roles at a Fortune 500 financial services company. She has specializations in strategic management, insights development, and financial services. Melanie holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Central Connecticut State University.


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Recent Publications

"Metaverse clothing, travel, plastic surgery: Experts predict life in 2030." Read in the New York Post.


"What is metaverse and why NFTs are key to its massive explosion." Watch or listen om Fox Business News.


"Toys are getting smarter." Read in Axios.


"A fully-realized metaverse a la Neuromancer is likely far off into the future." Read in Futurism.


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Media Requests

If you are reporter and would like to interview Melanie for a story, contact [email protected] or 267-342-4300. If you are a TV booker, contact [email protected] or if your request is urgent, contact [email protected] or call 267-342-4300. Depending on her schedule, Melanie can come to a studio in Hartford, Boston or NYC or record remotely from her home office.


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Speaking Engagements

Please reach out to Yani O'Donnell at [email protected] and cc Cheryl Cooney [email protected]