FTI Open Lab: Rev. Taka Kawakami

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October 24, 2018
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August 16, 2021

FTI Open Lab: Rev. Taka Kawakami

Taka Kawakami

We are living in an era of tremendous uncertainty. It might feel as though we’ve lost our ability to control the future. But should “control” be our goal? Or should we prioritize preparedness over predictions? In this FTI Open Lab session, Rev. Takafumi Kawakami, Deputy Head Priest at Kyoto’s Shunkoin Temple, explained how to confront deep uncertainty and what Zen tells us about long-term planning.

About Rev. Takafumi Zenryu Kawakami

Rev. Kawakami is the deputy head priest of Shunkoin Temple in Kyoto. He has been a researcher at the Well-being Research Center at Doshisha University and at Keio Media Design (KMD) at Keio University. Kawakami has lectured at MIT and Brown University, and he has led meditation classes for INSEAD, MIT, Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Business and others at Shunkoin. He teaches Japanese hospitality classes to employees from the sales and marketing departments from Toyota’s global offices and hold corporate wellness seminars and workshops for several corporations in Japan and the U.S., and he also co-organizes and co-hosts long-term study abroad programs in Kyoto with various universities from the U.S. Kawakami is Fellow in the U.S.- Japan Leadership Program.

About FTI’s Open Lab

The Future Today Institute’s Open Lab is an opportunity to learn from long-term thinkers. We bring together extraordinary physicists, mathematicians, strategists, economists, designers, historians, biologists, cultural anthropologists, computer scientists, philosophers and theologians and ask them to share their visions—optimistic and catastrophic—for the farther future. Our goal is catalyze a new generation of futurists.




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