Script Advising, Technical Consulting, Production and Exhibit Design


We help unlock your creativity while making sure your vision is plausible. 

The best depictions of science and tech are believable, even if stories are set in the distant future. When a scene doesn't land well with an audience, it's sometimes because of misplaced tech or weird science. The physics aren't quite right. The autonomous car wouldn't break its own rules. The AI system wouldn't behave that way. The tech and science, even if central to the plot or scene, shoudn't get in the way of the story or the actors.

Our past work includes collaborations with award-winning writers and producers on films, TV shows, animation and commercials. We've also advised on exhibition design and experiences for world-class events. 

We work on stories set in the future and projects that include science and technology. We also serve as technical advisors, working with production teams to incorporate emerging technologies (such as AI, robotics and synthetic media) into projects. 

Some of our recent projects include The First, a sci-fi drama about the first humans to travel to Mars and an AT&T commercial featuring a fully-autonomous car directed by Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow.

Producers, writers, showrunners and talent at any stages of project development are welcome to reach out to us. 


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