Announcing: Summer Teacher Training Fellowship

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March 30, 2017
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May 11, 2017

Announcing: Summer Teacher Training Fellowship

**UPDATE: We have added more seats due to high demand. The application deadline is extended to May 20th. Apply here.** 

We’re excited to announce a new program at the Institute!

This July and August, FTI will host a special Teacher Training Fellowship for teachers who want to incorporate futures forecasting into their curriculum. Over six weeks, we will teach fellows the tools of futurists, how to do scenario planning, how to gather data from the fringe and analyze it, how to think like a futurist—and how to build these tools and frameworks into their classrooms.

Fellows will receive ample materials that they can use and adapt for their classes, including:

• sample syllabi

• classroom activities

• reading lists tailored to specific subjects/ courses

• Power Point slides

• A Slack team that will remain active indefinitely, so that we can continue to discuss best practices ideas

• list of recommended resources

There is no charge to participate in the Teaching Fellows program. A Teaching Certificate is awarded to Fellows who successfully complete the training.

Our Teaching Fellows program is open to current college and graduate school faculty. Selected high school faculty will be considered if space allows. We prioritize those who primarily teach business, entrepreneurship, strategy, economics, political science, leadership, technology, journalism and the hard sciences. The program is virtual. We meet twice a week for instruction, and work in teams and independently between classes.

Seeing the future is possible, even though the rate of technological advancement has begun to outpace the speed at which people are accustomed to working and making decisions. Forecasting what’s ahead is a matter of recognizing emerging trends and then taking the right action at the appropriate time. Every student should have an eye on the future, whether it’s to prepare for their careers or to become the force of positive change once they enter the workforce.  The strategic thinking frameworks, tools and methodologies futurists use are applicable across numerous fields, from journalism to law to economics, medicine, business and beyond.

Application deadline is May 20th. First round of accepted Fellows will be notified by May 15th. Second round will be notified by June 5th. You will be notified via email. Apply here.


• Fellows meet remotely using a combination of digital tools.

• There are no in-person meetings required, however we encourage Fellows who live near each other to meet up and work together.

• If you are a teacher and want to participate but do not meet the criteria above, please email us with more details.


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