2022 Tech Trends


The Future Today Institute's

15th Anniversary Tech Trends Report


Future Today Institute's 2022 Tech and Science Trends Report is now available. Downloaded more than 1 million times each year, FTI's annual Tech Trends Report is a must-read for every industry. Learn the key trends impacting finance, insurance, transportation, healthcare, sports, logistics, telecom, work, government and policy, security, privacy, education, agriculture, entertainment, music, CPG, hospitality and dining, ESGs, climate, space and more. Discover critical insights. See what strategic action you can take on the futures, today.


Custom Tech Trends Presentations and Keynote Speeches

A bespoke speech featuring custom research for your organization or industry: What tech trends should we monitor? When do we act? How can you distinguish between “trend” and “trendy,” and which long-term trends should your business be following? Most importantly, how can you prepare yourself and your business for what’s next in a world of constant disruption?

In this custom, provocative presentation, we will curate trends from our annual report and reveal the forces shaping your future. We will connect trends from within and from outside of your field, showing a chain reaction of events and how they could result in different scenarios.

This session can be developed as a 45 or 60-minute speech, or as a 90-minute workshop to your organization, management, or broader team. We are available to deliver presentations virtually and in-person.


A report showing you the Future Today Institute's methodology, as well as the FTI tools and frameworks we use to develop our trends and scenarios. 

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Artificial Intelligence

A report showing you the state of play in AI for 2022, key techniques and influential models, and trends across the enterprise, consumer space, creative fields, health/ medicine/ science, geopolitics and military, talent, research and society. Plus, special analysis on China.

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Data, Recognition & Scoring

A report showing you critical trends in data, recognition systems, scoring algorithms, and applications in the enterprise, government, consumer spaces and law enforcement/ government.

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A report showing you the state of play in the metaverse, along with key trends in synthetic media, virtual reality, agumented reality, hologram tech, diminished reality and mixed/ extended reality.

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Work, Culture & Play

A report showing you key trends shaping the futures of work, work from home, fashion, beauty, music, gaming, toys, and recreational biohacking.

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News & Information

A report showing you key trends shaping the futures of journalism, media, and the business models supporting entertainment and news.

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Global Journalism Futures Survey

As a companion to our News & Information Report, we conducted a study of newsroom leaders from around the world. Learn how the industry is thinking about its own future.

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Health & Medicine

A report showing you key tech and science trends shaping the futures of health care, medicine and pharmaceuticals.

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Connected Home

A report showing you key Iot and Home of Things trends, including consumer appliances, interoperatbility and security.

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Policy, Government & Security

A report showing you key tech and science trends influencing lawmakers, governing, geopolitics and cybersecurity. Plus, essential terms every policy/ government leader should know, and a round-up of the works security breaches in the past year.

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Logistics, Robotics, Supply Chain & Transportation

A report showing you key tech and science trends influencing the futures of logistics, robotics, the supply chain and transportation. 

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Blockchain, DeFi, Cryptos & NFTs

A report showing you key tech trends covering decentralization, blockchain, DeFi, cryptocurrencies, digital payments, smart contracts and banking. 

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Telecommunications & Computing

A report showing you key trends in 5G, 6G, networks, edge computing, quantum computing and the telecommunications business.

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Synthetic Biology, AgTech & Biotech

A report showing you the state of play in synthetic biology, plus key tech and science trends covering gene editing, CRISPR, genomics, synthetic biology, food tech and precision agriculture.

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Climate, Energy & Space

A report showing you trends influending the futures of sustainability, energy production and consumption, and green tech. Plus, space commercialization, tourism and exploration trends.

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Key Insights

One PDF with key insights and top-level analysis from all of FTI's 2022 Trend Reports.

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One PDF with all of the visual scenarios from FTI's 2022 Trends Report.

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Full Report: 668 pages

One combined PDF with all reports, scenarios and our methodology, frameworks and tools.

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Learn how FTI's trends and applied foresight can help your organization make better decisions and plan for alternative futures. Contact us to schedule an introductory meeting.