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who we are

Our brain trust: creative, engaging and energized.


The Future Today Institute researches emerging technologies at the fringes and tracks them as they move towards the mainstream. Our pioneering, data-driven forecasting methodology and tools enable organization leaders to make better decisions about the future, today.

Our Policies

FTI is committed to conducting business ethically and to exceed the highest standards of good business practices. We will:

  • Observe and adhere to all laws both in the U.S. and when working overseas. This shall include the observation of local customs abroad (dress code, alcohol consumption and the like), when required.
  • Observe and adhere to all tax laws, laws and regulations governing finance, and financial reporting requirements both in the U.S. and when working overseas.
  • Observe copyright laws and prevent against plagiarism.
  • Provide detailed and clear communication with our clients in regards to our scheduling, billing and expectation of deliverables/ scope of work.
  • Abide by fair practice in hiring regulations in the U.S. and, when applicable, abroad.

Our entire team observes the following disclosure policies:

  • FTI will not recommend a product, service or other business unless we’ve used it extensively ourselves and have had discussions with the company.
  • FTI receives no financial or other benefit from recommendations or connections we make. We won’t even accept a fruit basket as a thanks for introducing your company to one of our clients or vice versa.
  • Several of FTI’s team members serve on industry boards. Please see our bio pages for detailed information.
  • Much of the work FTI does is under strict NDA. As a result, we are unable to disclose many of our clients and our projects together. A list of clients/ projects we can discuss publicly is available on our clients page.
  • FTI team members may, individually and without the oversight of our company, invest in various funds, fund-of-funds, IPOs, markets or directly in companies. Our team members will always disclose any financial interest they have in a company that they recommend or discuss publicly.