The Future Today Institute helps leaders
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Founded in 2006, the Future Today Institute answers “What’s the future of [x]?” for leaders and organizations all around the world. We focus exclusively on how emerging technology and science will disrupt business, transform the workforce and ignite geopolitical change. Together with our clients and partners, FTI uses data-driven research to model and prototype the future.

Latest Research

2017 Tech Trends Report

The 2017 Tech Trends Report, now in its 10th year, focuses on mid- to late-stage emerging technologies that are on a growth trajectory. We have identified more than 150 trends for the coming year across numerous industries, and our broad scope was intentional.

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Curating a Scenario Planning Team

The duality dilemma is responsible for a lack of forward thinking at many organizations. Overcoming the duality dilemma — and getting full use of your creatives and logicians — in order to track emerging trends and forecast the future is possible. But counterintuitively, it’s a matter of highlighting — rather than discouraging or downplaying — the strengths of each side.

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April-May 2017 Trends Update

We’re highlighting the continued fallout of fake news and algorithms, the rise of conversational interfaces and expanded autonomy. Using the Institute’s forecasting tools and assessments, we’ve spotted critical patterns and trends you should be aware of.

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The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anonymity and Fake News Online

Right now, many technology-focused companies are working on ‘conversational computing,’ and the goal is to create a seamless interface between humans and machines. If you have [a] young child, she can be expected to talk to – rather than type on – machines for the rest of her life. FTI was part of this recent research conducted by the Pew Research Center.

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