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We answer your most challenging questions using strategic foresight. The Future Today Institute tracks signals and trends to help companies understand the forces that will shape their futures. Then, we create strategic scenarios to identify growth opportunities, mitigate risk, and help leaders achieve their preferred futures. Hundreds of clients use FTI's methodology, trends, and scenarios to see around corners and plan for the longer term. See our case studies →

The Future Today Institute's

15th Anniversary Tech Trends Report


The Future Today Institute's 2022 Tech and Science Trends Report is now available. Downloaded more than 1 million times each year, FTI's annual Tech Trends Report is a must-read for every industry. Learn the key trends impacting finance, insurance, transportation, healthcare, sports, logistics, telecom, work, government and policy, security, privacy, education, agriculture, entertainment, music, CPG, hospitality and dining, ESGs, climate, space and more. Discover critical insights. See what strategic action you can take on the futures, today.



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What Is A Futurist?

A futurist is someone who models next-order outcomes using a broad spectrum of weak signals, strong signals, trends, and other factors. Futurists do not make predictions. They make projections in order to create a state of readiness, to determine strategic actions, to aid in decision-making, to build long-range plans, or to simply imagine alternate future states.