Advising and Applied Research

FTI provides our clients and partners with tangible strategic insights that lead to action. We identify new value flows, model risk, and help executive leadership teams confront uncertainty so that they can anticipate and plan for the future. FTI is a network of world-class researchers, strategists, data scientists and designers led by CEO and Founder Amy Webb.


Our work centers around the FTI Way: a rigorous, data-driven strategic foresight methodology that has been in continual use with our clients and partners for 15 years. 

We support executive leadership teams in the following ways:

Near-future decision support: helping executives prioritize decisions on emerging trends and ensuring those decisions fit into a longer-term outlook or strategy.

• Strategy support: helping executives develop their strategic plans to account for emerging trends, shifts in macro trends, and deep uncertainty in areas outside of their industry.

Long-term planning support: helping executives develop a long-term position for their organization; developing scenarios; backcasting preferred futures back to the present day for action.

Risk/ value indentification: supporting executive leaders in building models for future risk and opportunity; prioritizing action to address those models.

Building organizational capacity for foresight: coaching executive leaders on the core frameworks, tools and methods of strategic foresight; developing curricula and workshops for organizations who want to build a culture and practice of foresight.


Modalities of our work

All of our work is tailored specifically to each organization's needs. Our engagements are varied and personalized. They include: 

Projects do address a specific area of investigation.

 Workshops in response to an immediate concern.

 Lectures in response to areas of curiosity or strategic interest.

 Experiential learning: for those organizations wishing to build internal capacity for strategic foresight.

 Content development: script advising, creative/ design advising (primarily for for those in the entertainment industry).

 Retainer basis in response to an organization's ongoing need for advising.


See below for a more detailed description of our workshops, lectures and advisory services. 


Project Work and Consulting

FTI works closely with executive leadership and management teams to transform their strategic thinking on the future.



FTI works closely with executive leadership and management teams to transform their strategic thinking on the future. We identify risk and opportunity, prepare for next-order implications, and position organizations to achieve success in the wake of disruptive forces.

We identify emerging technologies and advise on strategic positioning, partnerships, investments, M&A, workforce realignment, and the implementation of new technology platforms, architecture, and core services.



FTI has a successful track record advising companies representing 26 different industries.

Advertising, Marketing and PR


Architecture and Urban Planning




Book Publishing

Construction and Building Trades

Capital Markets

CPG and Retail

Defense and National Security



Entertainment Media and Film


Heavy Industry


Information Technology


Legal and Professional Services

Life Sciences

Medical, Health and Life Sciences

News Media

Tech, Platforms and Telecom




Futures Workshops

Our custom forecasting workshops are experiential and productive deep-dives into the future.


Using our unique convening framework, we bring together your staff with futurists for custom workshops. They are typically held on-site, within an organization's meeting spaces, to accommodate the schedules of busy teams and executives. We also facilitate futures workshops at off-sites and company retreats. Shorter workshops can be incorporated into conference agendas.

Futures workshop deliverables include:

 Pre-workshop reading materials

• Custom research

 Printed and digital workbooks

Foresight tools

A set of actionable steps that can be taken once the workshop concludes

Workshops range from half-day sessions to multi-day intensives. We work with clients to custom-build the best workshop for each team and project.



FTI offers custom lectures to corporate audiences, boards of directors, festivals, and association gatherings around the world.


We have presented on some of the world's most influential stages, including: South By Southwest (SXSW), the World Economic Forum, the Milken Institute Global Conference, the Aspen Ideas Festival and TED, and we have addressed teams at hundreds of companies, including Sony, PayPal, Ingersoll Rand, IBM, Microsoft, Ipsos, UnitedHealth Group, Fidelity Investments, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Google, BestBuy and more.


Foresight Program

This is the Institute’s flagship offering. Started in 2008, the Foresight Program is a yearlong collaboration between the Institute’s futurists and an organization’s staff. If you are in any position of leadership—whether you’re the CEO of a large corporation, a media executive, an investor, a chief marketing officer, a government administrator, part of an R&D team, a program director within a nonprofit, or the manager of a division within a sprawling company—you must continuously and strategically monitor trends and plan for the future. The Foresight Program is uniquely designed to ensure that you, your team and your organization are positioned to create your own preferred futures.


Benefits of the Foresight Program

Each participating organization receives:

Quarterly in-person workshops (at your office)

Custom tech trends research

On-demand access to collaborate and brainstorm with the Institute’s staff

Invitations to our events

Printed sets of our annual Tech Trends reports

In-person workshops are both inspiring and pragmatic: by the end of each one, participants have an action plan and next steps.

Typical Participants

Foresight Program members include Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industry sectors, including media, retail, technology, financial services, hospitality and transportation.

Departments that typically send staff to the program include strategy and planning, R&D, technology-specific groups (autonomous driving, platforms), marketing, customer insights/ research, investment divisions and senior leadership groups.