What We Do

Strategic foresight is a disciplined and systematic approach to identify where to play, how to win in the future, and how to ensure organizational resiliency in the face of unforeseen disruption.

In an increasingly volatile world, Future Today Institute’s proprietary strategic foresight methodology enables organizations to plan for unpredictable futures with certainty. We work with our clients to determine where to launch their next big bets, which risks to mitigate, and how to evolve.

Fast Track Scenarios

Gain a new perspective and actionable insights during a 1, 3 or 5-day workshop. Learn from subject matter experts, co-create mini-scenarios, unlock new opportunity spaces and support your strategic decision-making.

Scenario Planning

Position your executives to make important investment, growth, expansion, new product, or go-to-market decisions with a set of detailed, data-driven scenarios, followed by a future-gap analysis, backcasting to the present, either a vision statement or a new strategic roadmap, and an executable plan.

Strategy Advisory

Develop your strategy for emerging tech. Our seasoned experts will review existing or create new strategy, develop executable solutions, and support your decision making. Everything we do is designed to achieve one objective: Enabling your organization to take the necessary steps today and tomorrow to be successful and resilient in the long term.

Custom Workshops

Gain immediate, actionable insights in 2-hour, half-day, or full-day workshops built from FTI’s foresight methodology. Develop a new list of signals and trends, rapidly see future impacts and knock-on effects, explore white spaces, identify opportunities and war game critical risks. Workshops include light pre-reading materials and a follow-up report.

Executive Advising

1:1 advising designed for CEOs who need to understand emerging tech in order to stay ahed of their competition. Executives work directly with our CEO, Amy Webb, in an ongoing advisory capacity.


Hear perspectives on the future from FTI consultants and advisors. We offer engaging, custom virtual and in-person keynote speeches, fireside chats, and panel facilitation for corporate audiences, boards of directors, festivals, and association gatherings around the world.

Work with the Future

Not Against It.

Build Capabilities

Develop strategic foresight capabilities and learn how to create a culture of strategic foresight within your organization. Whether your team is new or advanced, our expert advisors will train your team using our proprietary methodology and how to deploy it effectively to deliver results.

Trend Research

Evaluate your organization’s existing signals and trends databases and methods to prioritize trends for action. Or explore white spaces with custom trends prepared for your organization that can drive near-term decision making, product roadmaps, hiring, growth, go-to-market strategies and investments.

Explore the Futures With Us

Join FTI consultants and experts at an upcoming event. Gain new insights and perspectives, learn foresight skills, and explore the recently plausible.

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