We support executive leadership teams.

The Future Today Institute works closely with executive leadership and management teams to transform their strategic thinking on the future. Advisory services include: signal mapping, trend identification, scenario development, risk modeling, visioning and strategic planning.

Visioning and long-term planning

Helping executives develop a long-term position for their organization; informing investment strategies; advising boards of directors. Developing scenarios; backcasting preferred futures back to the present day for action.


Strategic scenarios development

Supporting executive leaders in building models for future growth, opportunity and risk; prioritizing near-term action to address those models.

Speculative scenarios development

Developing creative scenarios for use in marketing campaigns, for thought leadership, or to set bold visions (for a company's next 100 years). 

Trends development

Audit of current signals and trends databases, monitoring processes; exploring white spaces; enabling teams to gain action on trends; applying trends to near-term decisioning, product roadmaps, investments.


Near-term strategic planning

Helping executives develop their strategic plans to account for emerging trends, shifts in macro trends, and deep uncertainty in areas outside of their industry for near-term decisioning and 1-3 year strategic planning.


Deep futures

For organizations that require very long-term planning, FTI develops informed deep-futures scenarios. Typically used by governments developing long-range national plans, or industries that require long-term planning (space, healthcare, energy).




Our custom forecasting workshops facilitate a practical, short-form exploration of your futures.

Using our unique convening framework, we bring together your organizaton with our futurists for custom workshops. We are able to accommodate the schedules of busy teams and executives. Workshops range from two hours to a full day. We work with clients to custom-build the best workshop for each team and project. Shorter workshops can be incorporated into conference agendas. All participants receive pre-workshop reading materials, custom researcn and a foresight toolkit.


Master Classes


FTI Master Classes will train you and your teams to see the future, today.

The Future Today Institute pioneered a data-driven, applied foresight methodology that is now used within hundreds of organizations worldwide. Our custom strategic foresight Master Classes are designed to teach teams that methodology, including the essential concepts, frameworks, tools and processes necessary to confront the future. Every Master Class is tailored for your organization. We combine our methodology and tech/ science trends research with original case studies we create specifically for your team. The result is an experiential learning session.

For more information on our custom Master Class offerings, download our Master Class brochure.



FTI offers custom virtual and in-person keynote speeches to corporate audiences, boards of directors, festivals, and association gatherings around the world. 

We have presented on some of the world's most influential stages, including: South By Southwest (SXSW), the World Economic Forum, the Milken Institute Global Conference, the Aspen Ideas Festival and TED, and we have addressed teams at hundreds of companies and governmental organizations, including Sony, PayPal, IBM, Microsoft, UnitedHealth Group, Fidelity Investments, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and many others. 

Foresight Program


Get custom research, trends, scenarios and advisory services for your organization. 

Started in 2008, the Foresight Program is a yearlong collaboration between FTI's futurists and your team. The Foresight Program is uniquely designed to ensure that you, your team and your organization are positioned to create your own preferred futures. Every quarter, we will lead your team through foresight exercises to build your organization's internal capacity for strategic foresight while staying ahead of disruptive forces. You and your team will receive:

Quarterly in-person or virtual workshops

Access to collaborate and brainstorm with the Institute’s staff

Custom tech trends research

On-demand access to collaborate and brainstorm with the Institute’s staff

Custom toolkits created for your organization

A keynote presentation for your organization

To learn more about how the Foresight Program will prepare your organization for the future, please contact us.


We answer your most challenging questions using strategic foresight.