About the Future Today Institute

Founded in 2006, the Future Today Institute researches, models and prototypes future risk and opportunity. As the leading strategic foresight and futurology management consultants to executive leadership teams worldwide, FTI’s data-driven applied research reveals trends and calculates how they will disrupt business, government and society. Together with our clients and partners, FTI is helping leaders achieve their preferred futures. Our pioneering, data-driven forecasting methodology and tools empower leaders to make better decisions about the future, today.

Our Values

We want to create impact. We do this by challenging existing mental models and pushing others to the edge of plausibility. Our favorite question to ask clients is "can you be more ambitious in your thinking?"


  • Curiosity. We confront our own cherished beliefs continuously and we guide those we work with to do the same.

  • Learning. We are always learning, recalibrating, improving.

  • Evangelizing. We communicate the value of strategic foresight, engage others in using it, and teach those who want to learn.

  • Discipline. We do everything required to conduct excellent research, produce exceptional work and to meet our deadlines.

  • Empathy. We work hard to understand our coworkers, people, our clients and their fears, difficulties and desire/ resistance to changing the future.

Our Founder 

Amy Webb, CEO and Quantitative Futurist

Amy pioneered a data-driven, technology-led foresight methodology that is now used within hundreds of organizations. Forbes called Amy “one of the five women changing the world.” She was honored as one of the BBC’s 100 Women of 2020 and is ranked on the Thinkers50 list of the 50 most influential management thinkers globally.

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