Directed by CEO and Founder Amy Webb, the Future Today Institute is a collective of professional futurists, technologists, scientists, economists, anthropologists, policy experts and management thinkers.

The Future Today Institute's Core Staff


Amy Webb

Founder and Quantitative Futurist

Amy Webb is a quantitative futurist. She is a professor of strategic foresight at the NYU Stern School of Business and the Founder of the Future Today Institute. She was named to the Thinkers50 Radar list of the 30 management thinkers most likely to shape the future of how organizations are managed and led and was shortlisted for a 2017 Thinkers50 RADAR Award. She is the Washington Post bestselling author of The Signals Are Talking: Why Today's Fringe Is Tomorrow's Mainstream.

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Cheryl Cooney

Director of Operations

For the past eight years, Cheryl Cooney has led the operations, logistics and organizational management for FTI. Previously, she spent 20 years helping to manage law firms in New York City and Washington, D.C.



Emily Caufield

Creative Director

Emily Caufield is an award-winning graphic designer. Her data visualization and graphic storytelling work has earned Emily international recognition. At the Future Today Institute, she applies design thinking and computational design to complex research and forecasting scenarios.