Build better futures with the Future Today Institute.

We are a team of futurists who are passionate about helping our clients prepare for deep uncertainty. With diverse backgrounds in strategic foresight, game theory, business and management theory, technology, science, design and political science, we believe strongly in cross-disciplinary approaches to wicked problems. We are enthusiastic about foresight – and helping our clients learn the FTI way. 

Founded in 2006, the Future Today Institute researches, models and prototypes future risk and opportunity. As the leading advisory to executive leadership teams worldwide, FTI’s data-driven applied research reveals trends and calculates how they will disrupt business, government and society. Together with our clients and partners, FTI is helping leaders achieve their preferred futures. Our pioneering, data-driven forecasting methodology and tools empower leaders to make better decisions about the future, today.

How we work

We believe in focused, hard work. Our clients appreciate our dedication to them and our flawless execution on their projects. We never miss deadlines. We're a high-performing team, but one that values downtime to rest and recharge. We close our office once each quarter and sign off of email. We take extended holiday breaks. We insist that our FTI team goes offline (or at least offline from work) during those sabbaticals. We invest in our people. So we offer exceptional perks and benefits, which include the usual (competitive compensation, health benefits, 401k plan, paid family leave) and the unusual (quarterly sabbaticals, training stipend, mentoring opportunities, registrations for experiences).

Current Openings

Quantitative Analyst

The Future Today Institute is hiring a Quantitative Analyst with experience in developing models and thinking creatively about complex problems. You will support our internal operations at FTI and will support our client services. You'll identify hypotheses and metrics, formulate and shape models, define the analytical scope and method for projects, and develop projections for risk, growth and opportunity. Much of your work will be project-based and quite varied. This is a dynamic position and well-suited to someone with an insatiable curiosity and interest in experimentation.

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Junior Associates

The Future Today Institute is looking to support our Senior Foresight Analysts and our research efforts. Primary responsibilities include synthesizing content from meetings, performing research, writing reports and conducting conversations (video and telephone). You will gather and analyze information, write reports and present your findings to Senior Foresight Analysts. One of our core values at the Future Today Institute is experiential learning. You will receive hands-on mentoring and training as you build your strategic foresight skills.

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How to apply

Each position lists instructions, and we care deeply about your attention to detail. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Candidates who advance through the hiring process are those who: demonstrate a passion for strategic foresight; explain how and why they want to work with our clients on future risk and opportunity; enjoy researching emerging tech and science trends; and perhaps most importantly, understand our values.